Handmade Leather Goods for Premium Quality and Innovative Design

For the past few decades, Coblentz Leather has been designing and manufacturing handmade leather goods with a premium on quality and style. From handmade leather bags for work, travels, or school, to leather accessories like throw pillows for your home, you can find innovative leather goods to fit your lifestyle all in one place. Our handmade leather wallets come in a variety of styles for both men and women and includes money clips with card pockets, bi-fold wallets, and elegant clutches. We pride ourselves on providing reliable quality without sacrificing form for functionality. You can see the amount of care and hard work that goes into every one of our products so you can rest assured that when you choose us, you're choosing quality.

Lifetime Guarantee

Get a belt or strap that will support you through all of your life’s adventures from Coblentz Leather. We pride ourselves for the extreme amount of time and detail we dedicate to creating each one of our leather belts and straps to ensure you are buying a product that will be both long-lasting and stylish. Our online store carries a large selection of stylish leather belts and straps for a variety of different uses. From a new leather guitar strap for rocking out to a new money belt to leave a fashion statement, Coblentz Leather is sure to have the perfect product for you. Get support in style with a new leather strap and belt from Coblentz Leather.

Get premium, handmade leather bags, belts, and other goods at Coblentz Leather

Leather Cinch Bag handmade by Coblentz Leather in Amish Country, Ohio Leather Backpack by Coblentz Leather in Amish Country, Ohio Deluxe High Quality Leather Carry All Bag made in Amish Country, Ohio
Amish Leban, Dutchman, Amish Leather Executive Bag Large Small by Coblentz Leather in Ohio
Handmade leather Briefcase made by Coblentz Leather in Amish Country, Ohio Handmade by Amish Columbian Leather Tote Purse Leather Duffle Bag | Coblentz Leather in Amish Country, Ohio Leather Mini Tote Bag | Coblentz Leather in Amish Country, Ohio
Leather Tote Bag
Price: $79.99