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We are so glad you are here! We are excited to share the story of our humble beginnings under dimly lit gas lamps from the basement of our family home to an operation that would come to serve every single state in the USA and sixteen countries.

It all came to pass in 1973 with Robert stuffing yellow straw into horse collars by hand with a steel rod, repairing one lowly collar a day, keeping the local farmers happily working the freshly plowed fields with their horse drawn equipment.

Robert was a strapping young Amish man from the rolling hills of Holmes County Ohio, one of the largest Amish communities in the world. He took advantage of his rich heritage in that he was taught to work hard and to do the job right. His labors paid off, and in only two years the tedious odor of horse sweat mingled with worn leather was replaced with the intoxicating scent of brand new leather. He installed a Briggs and Stratton engine that purred throughout the day, which ran his trusty lock-stitch sewing machine. Robert was well on his way to providing hundreds of dealers across the globe with brand new collars in all manner of shape and size.

 This website, owned by a local businessman and lifetime friend of the Coblentz family, now provides the innovation necessary to bring these quality products even further beyond Holmes County Ohio, and out across the world wide web.


As his tow headed young sons grew up and followed in Roberts footsteps, they started lending a helping hand. And in the manner of well raised Amish boys, they also were taught to work and do it well, just like their daddy. Marion started lacing collars at only ten years old. As Marion grew up, he was able to take more detailed responsibility, as he handed down the more simple tasks to his younger brother Mike.

Robert's wife Fannie worked tirelessly beside her husband throughout the years. When Fannie wasn't doing daily housework and gardening, baking up a storm, or cooking delicious, golden, fried chicken for her ever growing hungry family, she was out in the shop, sewing collars that Robert had prepared for her.

As the years passed, Marion found a lovely young bride and started a family, having some tow headed energetic youngsters himself. He bought the company from Robert ten years ago. Robert is 70 years old but he is still there, running delivery routes and talking to customers which he is most good at! Father and son work well together, double-checking every decision. They share the same vision of not only selling their product, but also to enrich the lives of their valued clients with the supreme quality of leather goods made with only the finest materials.

The unique designs of the products at Coblentz are a family effort.  Marion's five children and his wife Naomi, all work alongside each other in harmony.  When you pick up a bag you can know the whole family put their two cents into creating resourceful and versatile bags, clutches, wallets or purses.  This remarkable merchandise is worthy of your investment.       

One could say Michael, Marion's oldest son, is the main man when it comes to keeping things running smoothly.  He understands every machine like the back of his hand.  When a breakdown occurs, Michael repairs it  quickly and efficiently, keeping production moving.  He is also team leader in the collar stuffing operation.

Karen, Marion's oldest daughter does customer sales and oversees the specialty leather part of the business.  Because of working beside her father all these years, she has been accumulating knowledge and understanding of the materials they use.  She is able to answer most any question that comes her way.  

The lovely young likely to greet you with her sweet smile as you walk in the door is Sheila.  Sheila is the second daughter of Marion and Naomi.  Sheila does most of the customer sales at the store.  She is also one of the main sewers in the collar stitching area.

You may notice two more youngsters about.  They are Joshua and Joyce.  Although they are not highly involved yet, they are gaining insight and hands on experience every day.  Give them a few more years and they will be running their own departments!

Family traditions are a treasure that Marion passes along to ensure they will never forget those long and tiring nights in a dimly lit basement stuffing smelly collars.   

The rod that Robert used faithfully to make many a hard earned dollar is still there. It is a solemn reminder of humble beginnings. The Coblentz family will ever be thankful for the rich heritage of their Amish lifestyle and the many blessings attached to it.


How does Coblentz Leather know they have the best possible quality out there? Because they use English Bridle Leather from Curwensville, PA or St. Louis, MO tanners. These are the only English Bridle Leather tanners in the US. All their leather comes from North American cattle. This leather goes through a unique process. They send it through an oils and tallow bath that is heated, causing the leather to be penetrated, as opposed to other leather that is merely dipped or sprayed on the surface. This process lets the oils work from the inside out when it is used, where other leather requires continuous re-oiling.

Let's be honest here. Would you feel more cleansed and prepared for life if you were put through a nice warm bath or would you rather be dipped? Here let's just spray you off good. Nope, doesn't feel cleansed or treated very nicely, does it? Your cheaply made leather product will feel just like that, and it will soon start cracking and probably even smell suspicious.

Have you ever purchased a “leather” belt, only to have it show wear with white cardboard peeking through cracks? That's because a lot of imported leather shops use layers of cardboard and paper placed between thin leather strips! They are allowed to call this “genuine leather” because it really does come from a cow. This is typically bottom grain leather. At Coblentz, the bottom grain is what patterns are made of. We never use it on final products. There is only one top grain per cow. Other shops use the bottom grain, then coat it with enamel so it's smooth like the top grain and call it full grain. Marion will tell you that some leather is faked so fabulously well, that the only way to tell is by using it. At Coblentz, you will never ever see white cardboard splitting your belt, because it simply isn't there. Our belts are all backed with a lifetime guarantee, giving our valued customers confidence in their purchase.

Leather quality is also gauged by its thickness. Coblentz uses Super Heavy Leather. This is a material with high tensile strength. To ensure an amazing final product, the first cuts of any pattern are done by hand. Coblentz uses lock stitch machines so that if perchance a stitch comes loose, it is still locked on two sides. A cheaper chain stitch machine would completely unravel should it lose a stitch. It is extra work to produce a high quality product, but it is worth it to know our items will all withstand aggressive wear and tear. We use only #1 graded leather, not only giving you a quality product, but sustainability throughout its life.


The same quality deliveredLeather Custom Made Briefcase thirty years ago is still maintained today, even though the products are changing towards a modern theme. The leather briefcase and beautiful backpack are excellent examples of the innovation instilled within the company to stay up to date in a changing world. The briefcase itself took two years to design! On a whim one day, because he wanted one for himself, Marion started drawing plans along with his talented daughter Karen. Through a lot of trial and error, and multiple renderings, they designed a briefcase unlike any you will find anywhere. As Marion took this briefcase on a business trip, carrying it gallantly along in hotels and train stations he noticed something. People were taking second looks at the genuine good looks of this piece of art. He called home from the motel, instructing Karen to start making more. Upon inquiring a few days later he gets the happy news that they had sold the second one already and customers were ordering more. Through a partnership with P. Graham Dunn, you can now get your briefcase laser engraved and personalized however you like. Prepare to have your briefcase stared at while out and about! It is truly beautiful! A new era was born that day, and with unified family teamwork we have learned to think differently about leather.

OUR AMISH LECustom Engraved BraceletGACY

This is our story. An Amish family legacy being passed down the generations, employing children and grandchildren alike. We love  that while our products look amazing hanging on a rack in the heart of Amish country, they could just as readily be seen perched on the arm of a celebrity strolling along the bustling streets of New York City! We cherish the fact that we can all be together as family, the women excelling in creating dainty fashionable bags, purses, or wallets, while the men focus on collars and bigger things. Together we can make it happen. Blessings to you and yours!

For assistance call: 941-504-8566 or email mrb@coblentzleather.com.